About Ottawa Camping Trailers


Ottawa Camping Trailers is now in its 53rd season.

Stan and a partner began the business with just four tent trailers. They each parked two units in their back yards which were available for rent.

Within a year they headed off to Montreal to purchase their first official "sales line" of Nimrod trailers. Over the years, they've covered lines such as Coronation, Woods, Vagabond, Hawaiian. Eventually they expanded their sales selection to include Travel Trailers such as Holiday, Sunset, Rover, Traveliner, and Glendette to name a few.

In '72, Kathy took over the partnership, and alongside Stan, the two ran what's known as Ottawa Camping Trailers today in addition to a family of four children.

The lines have changed over the years, as well as various sales/service staff. Regretfully, on December 16th, 2007 the family and staff at Ottawa Camping had to say goodbye to Stan. He will be missed greatly and remembered by many. Kathy continues on in her retirement but manages to support the staff by feeding them at various events and of course making her home-made donuts for our Open House each year.

The rest of the family along with great staff at OCT will continue to pursue their dream and commitment. That is, servicing you - our customers!

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